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Flexigrid css

Flexigrid css





my flexigrid working just fine

Flexigrid For jQuery


Go ahead and debug the application now, and make sure everything runs OK.

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my directory

Create a New Project

... object for Flexigrid. Right-click on the Controllers folder and select Add New Item, then create a new MVC Controller class named JsonController.cs.

1. Right click on the project and select New -> Grails Domain Class.


Now, lets create a data access layer using LINQ to SQL. Right-click the Models folder in VS and select Add New Item, and create a LINQ to SQL class named ...

Flexigrid and JSON

For this sample, we will not be covering unit testing, so select No in the Create Unit Test Project dialog.


Now, drag the flexigrid folder from Windows Explorer and drop it onto the Contents folder in VS2008. You should see the following results:

Using Flexigrid for ASP.NET MVC

Hexi-Flexi Grid is an SCSS component, built on the CSS Grid layout, that creates a hexagonal lattice.

While we are looking at cool jQuery stuff, check out Flexigrid. This is a table framework for adding some interactivity to otherwise boring tables.

jQuery FlexiGrid exsample

Grid plugin for jQuery - Flexigrid

$('.flexme1').flexigrid({height:'auto', width:'auto'});

Now extract the Flexigrid distributions to this Grails project web-app directory and run the applications! =)

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Hasil extract kalau di buka kira-kira isinya seperti gambar dibawah ini

Folder Images(untuk menyimpan file Icon add, edit, close dll) Folder Libs(untuk menyimpan file javascrip/jquery dan css)

Rich Data Grid Plugin - Flexigrid

sliding html

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jQuery FlexiGrid & Fancybox Full HD

Ce qui correspond à cette ligne:


Hexi Flexi Grid - CSS Grid hexagonal

Flexigrid Row Switch

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Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data

Modifying The View


The url: ' tells Flexigrid the url of the server side code to provide the data to be displayed.

funcssion - The atomic CSS library


jQuery Quicksand plugin


... http://elijah.manor.googlepages.com/Flexigrid.JPG


GitHub - paulopmx/Flexigrid: Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to ...

1. FlexiGrid

3. Click finish and you should see the ff.

jQuery HTML Table Toolbox - Noupe Design Blog

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kedua : download file jquery dan flexigrid. pada link di atas kemudian extract pada webserver tempat menyimpan file list.html tadi. sehingga hirarki dalam ...

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or see it on the attached files on the left

And that's what I want

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Rounded Text Background

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... 14.

jQuery Dynamic Data Grid Plugin - appendGrid

The biggest and most likely best is Flexigrid. This has a similar look to a Java Swing table, and works in a similar way.

Now extract the Flexigrid distributions to this Grails project web-app directory and run the applications! =)

orchid/flexigrid.pack.css.svn-base at master · bobchen124/orchid · GitHub



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Hexi-Flexi Grid is an SCSS component, built on the CSS Grid layout, that creates a hexagonal lattice. The mixin includes a number of customizeable settings ...

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jquery demo - jquery表格外掛flexigrid的java簡單應用例項




While the features of these kinds of tools can be exciting, it's important to that they're going to add even more to your page loading time.


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わずか数行で"ものすごいテーブル"に! - jQueryプラグイン「Flexigrid」 (2) 既存テーブルにFlexigridを組み込む | マイナビニュース

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This is how this page looks like and basically I want to be able to do the same as Edit does by double click

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