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Grey line on pregnancy test

Grey line on pregnancy test



So I bought an Equate test (against my better judgement) and got this..one blue line and one grey line. Could this be a faulty test???

just done another the test line came.up before.the control line but now its fading?

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How to distinguish a faint positive pregnancy test from an evap

I got left on Part 5 so I'm adding again. When I enlarge this photo (on my phone and computer) I can see a second pink line...please tweak and let me know!

I see it but it feels so surreal to see it! It came up within the two minutes, it's a FRER and it's a pink line not a gray line...RIGHT?!

Evaporation line on a home pregnancy test. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

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This is another asda test taken last night where I'm sure I can see a faint line, photo is rubbish but in person it's quite an obvious line but not sure if ...


Anyone had this experience and actually be pregnant? We weren't trying but aren't preventing either. Also not on birth control and haven't ever

This is another asda test taken last night where I'm sure I can see a faint line, photo is rubbish but in person it's quite an obvious line but not sure if ...

it faded to a grey line after 12 minutes, is this actually positive? I'm taking a cheapie and another Asda in the morning!


This month only had blue dye test left over and got dark blue skinny line. Think it's still just an evap line, only darker? This is so confusing!

... sure. The only thing I am concern of is that I spotted Sunday evening and again Monday pm but heavier spotting. The spotting is very diluted and runny ...

Positive Pregnancy Test. 1 2

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Half line on pregnancy test strip

What do you guys think?

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... the line is darker tonight still faint but camera is picking it up.. just wondering if anyone as used them and they opinions about them please ?? my ...

a second line! ...


IMGA0087.jpg ...



Pregnancy test dye run

negative pregnancy test

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Pregnancy Test · Pregnancy Predictor · It's positive!

... pregnancy test is still really faint. Anyone else have this??I had a had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks (baby died at 10 weeks) in July so now I'm a ...

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First Response pregnancy test very faint line

thin blue line on pregnancy test Thin Faint Line on Test! - Pregnancy - BabyCenter

i ...

I remember even holding the test up to the light to see if I could see the line better.

I took my last frer and this line popped up within 4-6 minutes and that's when I took the pictures. I'm assuming just another frer evap that popped up ...

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Omg ! mine looks the same !

8dp3dt - Evaporation Line. This morning's HPT ...

9dpo 2pm test. I'm not even sure how I saw anything on here but I thought I saw a shadow. I inverted it with the Lightbox feature on Fertility Friend and ...

Here's a better one

Does this look positive or neg at wits end now friends said def positive and following day got negative test? Thanks x

Whats everyone's luck with these test?


How soon should you see a doctor after a positive pregnancy test?


The FR test was taken on Saturday when I was 12/13 dpo and the one step internet cheapies are in ascending order: 12/13 dpo, ...

Evaporation line or not? Early First Response pregnancy test dismantle.

Are Pink or Blue Dye Pregnancy Tests Better?

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Adding one more picture-

Second test @1pm Saturday

... lines until today, are others aware of these on a sainsburys tests? The positive line is blue, not grey. Someone help, my hopes of it being a BFP are ...

when can i take a first response pregnancy test faint line on first response negative on


Are home pregnancy tests accurate?

Our story begins with two lines.

This was an OPK done by a woman who was pregnant at the time – and OPK is NOT a pregnancy test however does often come back positive when a BFP has ...

These on three Tesco brands and then negatives on strip tests? Opinions

These tests indicate pregnancy, in spite of the very faint variable lines on these tests

"THE" faint line thread - January 2011 Babies | Forums | What to Expect

positive pregnancy test

First Positive Pregnancy Test

“At two weeks, my first pregnancy test turned out negative,” shares Leslie.

Your hCG levels can dilute easily in urine, which is why most tests suggest using urine from your first trip to the bathroom after waking up.

Positive Pregnancy Test : Stock Photo

The reason I'm testing so soon this time is because the doctor wants me to go on Progesterone as soon as I get pregnant again to see if that will prevent ...

Reddit diagnoses cancer in man who peed on pregnancy test | The Independent

... had sex September 17 which according to my period app would have been my fertile/ovulation week. I am now 13 days late. I took a first response test and ...

I ...

Positive Pregnancy Test

I used a Waitrose own brand pregnancy test, could someone tell me if this is positive or negative as they line is quite faint.

A negative result on a pink-handled Wondfo Dip, one of the cheapest early

With my daughter I had a definite bfp and that was that, I never had super faint lines.

How an unknown designer created the first home pregnancy test in 1967

positive pregnancy test

Positive pregnancy test


What Does it Mean The Pale Line on The Pregnancy Test?

When ttc in 2015-2017 frers were my go to test. Always gave the earliest bfp and were snow white if a bfn so no squinting needed!

Pregnancy test Positive

A positive pregnancy test on grey background.

pregnancy test

Positive or indent line on HPT

Did that image post?

Faint Line On Pregnancy Test

Positive or negative?Never seen before (white line) Pregnancy test