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Sccm task sequence popup message

Sccm task sequence popup message


This is using a "Run Command Line" step referencing a package contains the script files available for download below.

Now add the PowerShell script to an old-school Package, so it will be available for a task sequence. Then create a standard Install an existing image ...

Results. When you execute the Task Sequence ...


Next, select the Failure group and select Options and add the following Condition: Task Sequence Variable _SMSTSLastActionSucceeded equals False



If ...

Task Sequence Editor example

The first action is to copy the content of the old-school Package, used to hold the previously mentioned files, to a local location on the device.



Task sequence

In the Configuration Manager Console, navigate to Software Library > Overview > Operating Systems > Task Sequences and select the task sequence.

2, DownloadPackageUsage


To resolve the issue, for the WinPE phase, the steps from KB971436 need to be added to the Task Sequence. For deployments from Operating System Images, ...

This seems to happen right when the task sequence moves from action Apply Operating System Image to the Gather stage. I want to think that Gather finished ...

As shown in the picture, you can see what parameters I've fed the script with, and how it will construct the LDAP string. This popup where it shows the LDAP ...


Task Sequence

This last step is the one made possible with ConfigMgr 1810. Now, when my Task Sequence fails and the error dialog is still on the screen, it will display ...

I knew that if I wanted to move to native SCCM task sequence then I will need to be able to still reference the “%SCRIPTROOT%” variable, which would mean I ...

Here is a screenshot of each of the three keys:

Cause. You have created a Task Sequence ...


SCCM BIOS UEFI conversion

Use ToolBox add label and TextBox, make it looks like this.

Now to run this script, save it as a vbs file and add it to a package. In the task sequence (see picture) add a Run Command Line –step, select Package and ...

Using SCCM Task Sequence Variables as Scripts


As shown above package HTA1 just contains one file “SCCMDiet.hta” . It is a run command line step of task sequence. Now at this point the task sequence will ...

The first thing I did was to look at the Unattend.xml file by opening the task sequence properties--->OS Info tab.

SCCM BIOS UEFI conversion


This is group as-is from MDT standard client task sequence . This group evaluates few conditions before executing next step.


Once ...


Opening the Task Sequence Editor

... runs if the task sequence variable OSDOSConfig is set to new computer else this group is skipped. The task sequence variable is set when new computer is ...

If we check the notifications area we see 2 notifications : one for sccm client and one for windows update.

If a task sequence uses any other account, task sequence variables are null.



This last step is the one made possible with ConfigMgr 1810. Now, when my Task Sequence fails and the error dialog is still on the screen, it will display ...


SCCM BIOS UEFI conversion

SCCM BIOS UEFI conversion

Run a Post Configuration Task Sequence once MDT deployment is completed

Add a Set Task Sequence Variable –step, set Task Sequence Variable to SMSTSAssignUsersMode and set Value to Auto.

It's important that this is the first step that you run after a failed step or else you will lose the values. Now that you've captured them, you can process ...


These rules have to perform the tweet action after, either a successful, or a failed deployment of a task sequence.

SCCM WMI BIOS Query. This will run this Task Sequence ...



... Task Sequence, hiding ProgressUI, and pause TS until Application is closed. (great for demos) : https://garytown.com/launch-application-during-ts …

Re-run Task Sequence Tool 1.0

This script reads the envirnoment and sets task sequence variable values and run the rules set in CustomSettings.ini files .

In this post I will show you how to create a easily a template for your MDT Task Sequence in order to reuse it quickly. Why a template?

Now, after the prerequisites are met, let's start with configuring the task sequence. There are only a few steps that need to be configured and they are all ...

SCCM BIOS UEFI conversion

This group will run if OSDOSConfig task sequence variable is set to reinstall. ( This variable gets set while making OS selection in HTA)

Add the complete progression status to the MDT/SCCM Progress Bar

Main. All of your task sequence ...

... In the Value column, enter the string Run PowerShell command or script. This is the string displayed when you click add action in Task sequence.

SCCM BIOS UEFI conversion

Start by adding a Set Task Sequence Variable step for the user name. In this case a Domain Admin, so I've named mine 'DAUserName' with a value of ...


Enabling Dynamic Update AND Ignoring Dissmissable Compatibility Warnings during an Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade

Add a new “Set Task Sequence Variable” step with the information below. Make sure you change the middle reference to the “StateMigrationPoint$” to the ...

To test the sequence with the msgbox dialogs you will need the ServiceUI.exe file from the Microsoft Development kit.

enter image description here

What this means is that if task sequence fails at any step before 2nd group it will not abort the task sequence instead it will go to 2nd group Copy logs.



SCCM BIOS UEFI conversion

I have tested this by injecting the specified registry keys and these work great. One thing you will encounter when creating these to test just for the ...

Using the Wireless LAN Settings task


Building a Better Task Sequence

When the task sequence runs, it will fail if a Kaby Lake processor is found and it will present a message box to let the tech know exactly why it failed.



However, when we selected the task sequence and the package tried to load, the task sequence failed:

cmd.exe /c echo Set oTSProgressUI = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSProgressUI") > %temp%\fail.vbs & echo oTSProgressUI.CloseProgressDialog >> %temp%\fail.vbs ...

Optionally, you could also deploy this as an available task sequence, for end users to manually check hard drive status.

Powershell: Bulk convert and resize images with a script and how it fits in the deployment space

This is quite a useful way to abandon a task sequence, reboot and display a message to the user.

During OSD, we don't get policies yet. Which means the Domain Admins group is not yet added to the local Administrators group. To bypass this, we need to ...


Trying to uninstall a Windows Update with a task sequence using wusa.exe and doesnt seem to work.