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Trello show label names

Trello show label names


(Same card, with labels names turned on)

…or how to show labels with text.

Name labels in in Trello

... many folks believe you can only create 10 labels. The truth is, you can create as many as you want! Simply name labels of the same color differently.

Label Popup

Add a label that indicates their position. Mike Flynn, a pioneer in Trello board fantasy football drafting, also lists in parenthesis the player's position ...

Trello board with a GTD workflow

Text labels in Trello

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Filter boards in the board menu

Trello Content Calendar key list


Figure 1 Trello web interface showing some MIIA boards on the left, a Board in the middle, and the Menu on the right.

You can update the name, change the color, or delete the label if it is no longer relevant:

Charts Based on a Board or Filters, and How to Access

Trello board with JOOF pipeline

... Trello Labels PieSync

Trello for Freelancers: Label your cards with color!


One card can have developer, marketing, CSM, and upper management labels. It may look something like this:

... 64. Customizing Boards, Labels ...

Event Registartion: Trello Email to Board Example

Bridge24 Charts


Asana introduces boards as part of an all-out assault on Trello

How to Delete a Label From a Trello Card

Trello Content Calendar

Trello Label Examples For Scrum Management


Custom Fields Trello


Adding and removing stickers from cards

labels on Trello boards

Working with App Store results in Workflow 1.5.


Creating Butler Button For Trello Card

Parent Trello Card Organizes Child Cards. "



Trello board for reinstalling software on my PC


‍Here's an example of an empty Trello board

Menu - On the right side of your Trello board is the menu—the mission control center for your board. The menu is where you manage members, control settings, ...

Bonus tip: Use Labels

Cards - The fundamental unit of a board is a card. Cards are used to represent tasks and ideas. A card can be something that needs to get done, ...

Trello Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

... Trello boards in specified Slack channels, and get key insights and interact with Trello boards and cards that are linked in Slack.

Workflow 1.5: App Store Automation, Trello and Ulysses Actions, Audio Metadata, Safari View Controller, and More


Trello review

screenshot of Zapier Pinterest to Trello meal planning tutorial


Trello SupportVerified account

Trello for Freelancers: A look at a Trello board.

As boards get bigger and more robust, filtering comes in handy to narrow your view down to only what you need to see. Boards can be filtered for various ...


trello project management features

Dashcards in a Trello Board

Sorting Trello Cards By Priority Across Multiple Boards – Mike Leembruggen

Trello test board with left list and filter

Trello keyboard shortcuts

Bridge24 Export Engine

Trello #7: Label Every Task!

Image titled Use Trello Step 1

You can name each label, which then shows up when you click on the item: trello-labels2

Trello picture

Checklist Bot for Trello – screenshot 2

Screenshot 2: When a card is created in the Inbox list, the bot automatically adds the Inbox checklist. Actions such as move, archive card or add label are ...

trello tab teams (2).jpg

This saves the effort of adding those labels at least, without harming scanability of your board.

Trello's template for GTD

The Trello board we use for the Hubstaff Blog



‍Example of a Trello card

And ...

Trello's default label system is just a colored bar. But I like seeing the name of the label on the card so I'm using the chrome extension called TreLabels ...

Trello may be one of the the best platforms for organizing your tasks, but it has one glaring flaw: no baked-in “priority” indicator for task cards.

How I use Trello, Zapier and RescueTime to keep track of what I've been doing - RescueTime Blog

Adding Labels in Trello

Bridge24 Board View


Trello test board with filter

8 Useful Tricks to Make Managing Trello Cards Easier

Trello goal board

Trello - Color Blind Friendly Mode makes labels distinguishable by pattern. /via Silvano Stralla

One board to track them all - Using Trello Labels